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Common Moon is a 501(c)3 nonprofit clothing brand and artist collective that contributes 100% of profits to humanitarian causes.

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Who We Are

Common Moon is a 100% volunteer-driven creative division focused on exploring experiences that foster community and inspire compassion. None of our sales go towards the compensation of employees or executives.

Today, we're working with artists to design and sell clothing in order to fund our parent 501(c)3 non-profit, Project Break The Cycle. Tomorrow, we hope to convey our message of compassion across an expanding range of media and audiences.

How We Do It

We’re a nonprofit for nonprofits.

We partner with nonprofits and campaigns that align with our mission. Our responsibility is to creatively fundraise in support of these campaigns.

Right now, we have creative campaigns that last anywhere from 3 months to a full year. As soon as we profit enough to implement part of a campaign, we donate all profits to our partner.

Our partner organization then has full discretion as to how to use these funds within the active project. Within a creative campaign we will be donating multiple times, and making sure that your contributions have the impact they deserve.

  • Battling Food Insecurity

    [Coming soon] We're currently developing a campaign that will combat food insecurity for underserved communities, especially those in food deserts. More details coming soon.

  • Income Generation Farming Project

    We worked with the Yemen Relief and Reconstruction Foundation, to fund the distribution of livestock (including chicken and goats) to Yemeni communities in need. Families use animal produce and sell surplus in local markets.

  • Lebanon Relief Fund

    We funded local volunteers in Tripoli, Lebanon to distribute food, medicine, and diapers to people in need across the Greater Beirut Area after the Beirut Explosion of August 2020.

  • Orphan Children Scholarship Fund

    PBTC worked with the Home of Tripoli for Social Welfare to support a scholarship pool that funds private school education and after-school tutors for orphaned children in Tripoli, Lebanon.

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Our Story

Our parent nonprofit, Project Break the Cycle, is an organization dedicated to using unexplored revenue streams to enable sustainable and community-centered nonprofit organizations.

After four years, Project Break the Cycle's operations were reimagined from the ground up. As Project Break the Cycle's creative collective and merchandise division developed, Common Moon was established the dedicated creative division with the help of volunteer creatives that had a passion for social impact.

Our Team


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